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Hello, my name is kran and I'm a Vocaloid cover artist based in Hong Kong. I sing in both Japanese and English and upload my covers on YouTube and niconico. This is where I'll be updating all of you on my new covers and translyrics. Hope you enjoy them~ ♥

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me an ask!
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Did you teach yourself to mix or...?

Hi Kamika-chan!

I wouldn’t really say that I taught myself to mix since I studied a lot using materials and tutorials that I bought, borrowed or found online. I got some guidance from those while I did a lot of experimenting myself.


Kran, would it be alright if I use your Sarishinohara Translyrics for a cover? pretty please? I'm mementomori0666 from YT and Chinx00 from the YTC forums. ( TTwTT)

owo)/ Usage of translyrics/works page

Hi Kran! :D I just was wondering how low do you pitch your songs? I'm not sure how to describe it, but what percentage is it, I guess? >.> Thanks~

It really depends on the song but I usually either go + or - 3 semitones.

Just a small announcement ♥

Uploads will be slowing down on my channel this year. I’ll be focusing on studying and improving my singing technique and musical knowledge. I’m doing this mainly because I want to produce higher quality work and become more skilled in this hobby that I love. I hope this doesn’t disappoint too many of you!

Can you sing Leia in the higher octave?

I can but I’m usually too lazy and I don’t want to disturb my neighbours. We people in Hong Kong live in small apartments that are pretty close to each other, soooo my neighbours can practically hear me through the walls. It’s a little embarrassing. ^^;;;

(If your question was meant to be a request, I’m sorry but I won’t be redoing Leia! It’s not a song I’d particularly want to redo in the higher key.)